Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Happy, Healthy and Sweet New Year

This week we will be celebrating the Jewish New Year. We decided that the best way to spread good wishes for the year to come is with a witty, uplifting card! Two weeks ago, we shared a sneak peek of the design - but here you'll get to see the whole thing. A play on the periodic table of elements provides all the things you need for a prosperous year to come.  We wish all our family and friends a Happy, Healthy and Suite New Year!

Our favorite element is Bh (Be Heard). Tell us your favorite or feel free to make up your own- it's your year, after all. 


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sneak Peek: Jewish New Year Card

Super excited to share this sneak peek of our Jewish New Year card. 

Our first Rosh Hashanah as a married couple means that we get to go all out with our holiday cards, right? RIGHT!

I decided to take my husband’s name after we got married, and went from Loewenberg to Goldberg. Not a huge change - once a Berg, always a Berg is my motto!

I wanted our first holiday card together to be fun, different and clever. A stroke of genius by a fellow Goldberg in a Facebook group (I’ll explain more about that later) inspired this card.

AU Berg, as in Gold on the Periodic Table of Elements, Berg was the basis for this card. It first started out as a small monogram for our family stationery, but then quickly evolved into a chemistry-themed extravaganza.

The typical greeting for the Jewish New Year, Shanah Tovah U Metukah (in Hebrew), literally means A Good and Sweet Year.  We took it one step further, adding in all the elements you need to have a happy, healthy and sweet new year!

We hope you enjoy these initial snapshots, and check back to see the entire suite, full of vintage stamps and electrically charged envelope liners next week!