Monday, July 18, 2011

Paper Lace: For the Love of the Doily

Long gone are the days where the primary use for doilies was on a plastic catering tray. Paper lace is a growing trend in the crafting and event world, and we are embracing it with open arms! The gorgeous details and shapes provide a wonderful and affordable canvas for one-of-a-kind crafts and embellishments. Below are some simple and quick projects that are sure to add a sparkle of elegance!

1. Dye your doilies to match your color palate. Pastel hues are shown here...but any color using simple food coloring preps these doilies for a million different creative uses. Source

2. Gift wrap. Using double stick tape, fold and secure a doily over a simply wrapped gift. Tie with bakers twine or pretty ribbon for an extra finishing touch. Source

3. Tea Dyed calligraphy menus. Grab some tea bags, dye your doilies and write away! So elegant and easy. Source

4. Doily cones are a great way to hold rose petals (for a flower girl) or candy for favors. Fold a round doily in half and roll like a cone. Staple or use double sided tape to secure the ends. Viola! Source

5. Doily Garland. find you favorite doilies, and start stringing. Use a needle and heavy thread. Sew through the paper to make the shapes pucker, crumple or layer the doilies to get your unique doily strand. This is perfect backdrop for any wedding, dessert table or photobooth! Source

6. A quick and easy way to embellish a wedding program. Using the ribbon of your choice, tie a bow around your program or booklet. Secure the ribbon with hot glue near the spine of the program. Fold a doily over the spine to cover the ribbon and secure with hot glue or double sided tape. Beautiful! Source

What creative uses have you found for doilies? Comment and share with us.


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  1. So fun and easy! The wedding program is obviously the best example!